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Choosing Homeowner’s Warranty Coverage for Plumbin


There are many companies that will advertise for affordably priced homeowner’s warranty packages that cover repairs for appliances and plumbing in your home. Use the suggestions below to determine whether a homeowner’s warranty will give you peace of mind for your household’s plumbing needs.

  • Understand what you’re getting for your money. The terms of your warranty can vary widely from one home warranty company to another including the costs of coverage and the expenses of each visit from a plumber from the warranty company.
  • Researching the warranty company can frequently help you get an idea of other people’s experience in your area with the warranty company. Pay particular attention to how long it took for homeowners to have the plumbers visit their home and fix the problem because long waits is a common issue with homeowner’s warranty company.
  • When you’re researching a particular home warranty company, you’ll frequently find positive reviews for uncomplicated jobs such as simple leaks or unclogging drains. Make sure you read about how the warranty company handled more complicated plumbing repairs.
  • Read your agreement to see whether there’s a limit on how many times the same problem will be handled by the homeowner’s warranty company in a single year. In addition to other limitations on how plumbing repairs are handled, sometimes if you experience the same problem repeatedly your home warranty will not cover your plumbing needs.
  • As is frequently the case with getting repairs done for your home, the more complicated the job the more problems you hear about. Read as many reviews as you can about a particular home warranty company in addition to checking with the Better Business Bureau in your area before choosing a particular company.
  • Homeowner’s warranty companies will not let you choose who performs the repairs in your home in most instances since they contract a fixed fee with their plumber participants. If you’re not planning on using one of the homeowner warranty company’s plumbers or you have concerns about a plumber who comes to your home, you’ll have to work with the company to see what options you have.
  • Warranties on specific appliances or connections for appliances and their plumbing are sometimes available from the utility company that you pay for gas to your water heater.
  • Water heaters are expensive and frequently paying for warranty coverage from the utility can make sense for homeowners.
  • Be careful about what your warranty covers and whether it will cover a water heater that you neither purchased nor had installed through the utility. You should always read what parts and what services your warranty covers.
  • If there’s an overlap of warranty coverage for new plumbing and appliances associated with that plumbing, you should contact the original installer and/or manufacturer before notifying your homeowner warranty company because they’ll likely refer you to those businesses first to determine whether you have coverage for your problem.
  • Home warranty companies offer plans to homeowners for plumbing repairs. Use the suggestions above when you’re deciding whether to pay for home warranty coverage.